Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free Register Key Give Away!

I would like to add some new functions to SaleCalc. However, I am not sure what functions are most in request. So I would like to ask for some suggestions.

Any suggestions are welcomed to leave here as comments (DO REMEMBER to leave your name :))and if it is adopted, I would like to credit you a free register key.



KC said...

I have a Dell Axim x50v
It has WM 6.

It doesn't display properly.
The tabs at the top are only half showing.

Other than that, I love this program!!

salecalc said...

Hi kc,
If you don't mind, would you please send me( your screenshot? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

excellent program i love it very much i don't have register key so the comments is the button more bigger to tap is perfect...well done good job email me register key

Anonymous said...

i think that u guys should make a electronic tab. like electronic things that most people buy. like xbox,ps3,wii and tvs ect. please e-mail me a registracion code at by the way this program is awsome and i use it daily.

salecalc said...
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salecalc said...

Because of the very limit space of PDA screen, it is hard to make the button more bigger. Sorry about that! :)

salecalc said...

Actually, you can find that there is an electronics item in the catalog when you are adding your shopping items. Thanks!:)

Anonymous said...

I love this program